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The Catalogue for Transmission Genetics in Arabs (CTGA) Database

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A complete PDF version of the CTGA Database is now available.


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Click here to access and download: The Catalogue for Transmission Genetics in Arabs (CTGA) Database - A User's Guide

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The CTGA Database Information Submission Form

Researchers and authors are invited to contribute with their findings to the development of the CTGA database. To send your contributions, please fill the CTGA Database Information Submission Form and email it, along with supportive documents, to cags@emirates.net.ae.

For suggestions and other contributions related to the CTGA database, you may contact us at any of the following addresses:

Mailing Address:
Dr. Ghazi Omar Tadmouri
Centre for Arab Genomic Studies
P.O. Box 22252, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971-4-398 6 777

Fax: +971-4-398 0 999

E-mail: cags@emirates.net.ae

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