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News & Press Release - 2015
Arab Genomic Studies
6th Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference to be launched in January 2016
24 Jun 2015
The Centre for Arab Genomic Studies (CAGS), a center affiliated to Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, is to organize the 6th Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference (6th PAHGC) from 21 to January 23, 2016, at Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Dubai.
This was stated by Dr. Mahmoud Taleb Al Ali, the Director of CAGS and the President of the Conference.  He declared the "Genetics of Multifactorial Diseases" to be the theme of the Conference and invited abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations from now till November 21, through the website: http://pahgc.org/.
“Multifactorial diseases are caused by interplay between genetic and environmental factors and many of these diseases are alarmingly prevalent in the Arab world.  Examples include Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer and Neurodevelopmental diseases”, Dr. Mahmoud Taleb said. 
“The choice of theme by CAGS was taken after much deliberation in order to encourage Arab geneticists to conduct more in-depth studies in this field.  Despite the high incidence of these diseases in Arab countries and their associated mortality and morbidity, few studies are conducted locally and regionally in order to elucidate their molecular causes”, he added.
“The 6th PAHGC will mark the beginning of a new phase in the history of CAGS during which more collaborative Arab scientific work will be performed.  This will accompany the significant expansion in CAGS' activities and its growing role in shaping the future of the human genetics in the Arab region”, Dr. Mahmoud Taleb said.
“The 6th PAHGC is keen to benefit from the expertise of the members of the Executive and Arab Councils of CAGS especially that they are among the top Arab scientists and well-known experts on global level in this field of science”, he said.
“To that end, 10 professors from CAGS’ councils were chosen to be the module developers of the 6th PAHGC’s sessions.  They are responsible for selecting and inviting keynote speakers, select research papers for presentation and moderate the panel discussions”, he said
These scientists include: Professors Lehadh Al Gazali, Fatma Bastaki and Fatima Al Jasmi, UAE, members from the Executive Council of CAGS.  Also, from the Arab Council of CAGS, there are professors Riad Bayoumi, Oman, Lotfi Chouchane, Qatar, Moiz Bakhiet, Bahrain, Moein Kanaan, Palestine, Hanan Hamamy, Jordan, Andre Megarbane, Lebanon, and Habiba Chaabouni,Tunisia.