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News & Press Release - 2012
Arab Genomic Studies
5th Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference to be held with the GoldenHelix Symposium
25 Apr 2012
Prof. Najib Al Khaja, Secretary General of Hamdan Medical Award (HMA) and President of Centre for Arab Genomic Studies (CAGS), declared that HMA has agreed with the officials of Institute of Biomedical Research, the organizer of GoldenHelix Symposium, on holding 5th Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference 2013 in conjunction with the Symposium in Dubai.
This announcement has been released upon the arrival of the members of HMA's delegation, coming from Turin, Italy, after attending GoldenHelix Symposium 2012, which was held under the title "Genomic Medicine: Translating Genes into Health" from 18th till 21st of April.
The delegation was headed by Prof. Najib Al Khaja and included Dr. Mahmoud Talib Al Ali, Director of CAGS and Mr. Abdullah Bin Souqat, Executive Director of HMA.
Also, Prof. Al Khaja participated in the Symposium's final session, discussed the Future Perspectives of Genetic Research, its role in decreasing the costs of the diseases' prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and the Ethical and Legislative Aspects.
"UAE participated in the Symposium alongside with 9 countries including China, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, Holland, France, UK, Germany and USA", AL Khaja said.
"The delegation discussed with the officials of Institute of Biomedical Research the ways of supporting mutual cooperation and the possibility of connecting CAGS' CTGA database with the activities of the Institute", AL Khaja added.
"through 6 sessions and 29 lectures GoldenHelix Symposium 2012 discussed many important issues in the light of the key role which is expected to be played by Genomic Medicine in the Future Medical Practices; Personal Medicine, Requirements to Bring Genomics In the Clinic, and Population Genomics", Al Khaja said.
"Concerning Population Genomics, the Symposium discussed Genomics of Infectious Diseases in Africa, Indigenous Genomics, Population Genomics of Italy, Incentives of Data Sharing and Collaborative Research in Genomics, and Genome Prescriptions in Kidney Diseases", Al Khaja said.
"A special session on Cancer Genomics discussed the ways of offering New Directions for Therapy and the Role of Heritable Genomics in Determining the Outcome of Chemotherapy", he said.
"Another session on Bringing Genomics to the Clinic discussed Genomics of Epilepsy, Aneuploidy Detection during Pregnancy by Non-Invasive Fetal DNA Measurement, and Genetics of Cognitive Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities", he said.
"A session on new developments in Decoding the Human Genome discussed Single Cell Genomics, Increased Accuracy and Utility of Whole-Genome Sequencing Analyses for Biomedical Interpretations", Al Khaja said.