Factor XI Deficiency

Alternative Names

  • F11 Deficiency
  • Plasma Thromboplastin Antecedent Deficiency
  • PTA Deficiency
  • Rosenthal Syndrome
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WHO-ICD-10 version:2010

Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism

Coagulation defects, purpura and other haemorrhagic conditions

OMIM Number


Mode of Inheritance

Autosomal recessive Autosomal dominant

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Factor XI deficiency is an autosomal bleeding disorder characterized by reduced levels of Factor XI in plasma (less than 15 IU/dL). Bleeding occurs mainly after trauma or surgery. [From OMIM] 

Epidemiology in the Arab World

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Subject IDCountrySexFamily HistoryParental ConsanguinityHPO TermsVariantZygosityMode of InheritanceReferenceRemarks
612416.1.1LebanonFemaleNoYes Asymptomatic; Prolonged partial thrombo... NM_000128.3:c.1778C>THomozygousAutosomal, RecessiveGermanos-Haddad et al, 2005
612416.G.1LebanonUnknown Reduced factor XI activity... NM_000128.3:c.403G>THomozygousAutosomal, RecessiveGermanos-Haddad et al, 2005 Group of 6 patients
612416.G.2LebanonUnknown Reduced factor XI activity... NM_000128.3:c.403G>THeterozygousAutosomal, DominantGermanos-Haddad et al, 2005 Group of 2 patients
612416.2.1LebanonUnknown Reduced factor XI activity... NM_000128.3:c.1557G>CHomozygousAutosomal, RecessiveGermanos-Haddad et al, 2005
612416.3.1LebanonFemaleYesNo Prolonged partial thromboplastin time; ... NM_000128.3:c.1557G>CHomozygousAutosomal, Recessivede Moerloose et al, 2004 Proband
612416.4.1LebanonMale Reduced factor XI activity (severe)... NM_000128.3:c.1060G>A, NM_000128.3:c.682C>THeterozygousAutosomal, RecessiveQuélin et al, 2004
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